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Do Great work and be great to work with!

What really excites us is helping the customer accelerate their idea to reality. This is by delivering forward-thinking products and services. We strive to exceed customer expectations and increase their profitability. Our motto is: “Do great work and be great to work with”. We get excited by creative and leading projects and enjoy making a difference in our work.

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3D Visualisation

Do you have a beautiful product or concept you want to share with the world? Through a 3D impression we can present your product in a convincing way. We can bring yourideas to life.

We like to think along with you and help your business forward.

Hive Five headphone, 3D visual


Why animation? Suppose you want to better explain or promote your product or process to a wider audience. With our 3D animations we can emphasize all the plus points. The different functionalities or process steps can be shown in an exceptional way by means of 3D animations.  This way you can offer customers a glimpse of details that emphasize the quality of your product.

Interested? Please contact us for more information or an exploratory meeting.

Hive Five

Where does the name come from?

Bee hive


Why the name Hive Five? The Hive as in beehive represents our work mentality and team spirit just like you see in a bee colony.

Hive Five Steps


Five represents the five steps we go through on every project. And together it sounds like the universal gesture for joint success. Which is ultimately the goal we want to pursue. Will you be the next client to complete a successful project with us?


Let’s create a buzz

Meet the workerbee

Who is Hive Five?

Hive Five consists of one cool nerd with hyperfocus as a superpower. Creative, driven and curious. Mix that with cool clients and challenging projects and the recipe for a successful collaboration is in the making. “Are you the next to join the hive?”

G. Stelling

Giulio Stelling

The Nerd

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